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If you reached this page you are probably wondering about a Garage Conversion and what it takes to turn your garage into something else. Convert to a bedroom, a garage to living space, garage convert to office, a private gym, a guesthouse or just a place to put your pool table and chill with the guys. These are all real inquiries from real customers that are now enjoying their garage space more effectively, we did it for them and we’ll do a garage conversion for you! How to Convert a Garage? Where do I start?  Stage 1 – determine the type of garage conversion that will best suit your needs, where will you park your cars, how far are all utilities from the requested area etc. (please consult with a professional contractor regarding this matter)  Stage 2 – consult an architect or a garage conversion specialist about the most cost-effective way to the design your layout, also discuss city codes and regulations.  Stage 3 – acquire a permit, provide a detailed plan and submit to your local city planning department.  Stage 4 – Hire a reliable general contractor to convert your garage.  Excel Construction L.A.

Garage Conversions and Garage Remodeling services

  With over a decade of Garage Conversions experience that includes building garages, converting garages and doing complete garage makeovers you can feel secure when you take advantage of our skilled workmanship knowing we hold a General Contractor's License and a remarkable list of references. Excel Construction L.A.  is your one-stop contractor for all your custom garage needs including Garage Conversions. As general contractors, we take on your projects from A to Z: Foundation, Electrical, insulation, roofing, drywall, flooring, cabinets, painting and even garage doors. · Garage Conversions · Custom Built Garages · Garage Doors · Garage Room Additions · Garage Remodeling · Garage Organization Excel Construction L.A.  is a full-service company that takes your garage conversions vision and brings it to life with a price you can afford. We have discovered, throughout the years, that there are many garage related projects we can design, build and customize, that discovery is due, in large part, to our valued customers' requests. To insure you receive the best possible garage conversions service we carefully screen our workers and hire only the best to work with us. We offer the following services: garage remodeling and garage makeovers, garage conversions and garage renovations, as well as starting from scratch and building a garage or doing a garage addition. We can even provide surrounding features to add exterior beauty to your garage conversion such as stucco or siding, walkways, skylights and patio covers. Your imagination forms the boundaries of your project! It is time to enjoy what's yours and make the most of it.

Convert Garage to Apartment

  Excel Construction L.A. is coming back into fruition. Whether you’re looking for extra money this year or if you need the space, now is a good time to convert your garage into an apartment. In recent years converting a garage into an apartment has taken off.   Many of our clients are creating this apartment space to rent out for supplemental income while others need the extra space to board family members like college graduates moving back in or ailing elderly parents who need extra care. Converting a garage into an apartment isn’t an easy task and unless you’re a professional it isn’t something you want to undertake. Many times, when homeowners attempt to convert garage into apartment, they end up with an illegal garage conversion.  They end up with a hefty citation and a slew of other problems that no homeowner wants to deal with.  If you want it done correctly without hassle, it’s best to hire garage apartment builders. Knowledgeable contractors will know the proper coding and set up your garage into an apartment correct the first time. Here at Garage Conversions we’re often asked Excel Construction L.A. cost as well as if it can be done legally. Having it converted legally to an apartment depends on the size of your property and the location of the garage on the property to determine minimum setbacks from your property line. Yet, even with setbacks to your property, we may still be able to make your garage conversion happen! The distance from the nearest sewer line, water supply, power lines, interior finishes such as flooring and cabinets can also make a big impact on the price. The average garage to apartment conversion cost varies widely between $40,000 and $70,000. Because the average one-bedroom apartment can be rented out at $1250 a month, spending $40,000 on converting your garage to an apartment gives you a 40% yearly return on your investment ratio. By converting your garage to an apartment, you can rent it out and make money which will help you pay your monthly mortgage or just give you extra cash. Or you can have a space to accommodate elderly parents or college students who need a place to move in. Keeping your money in the bank earns a lousy four percent at the most. Instead invest your money in a garage to apartment conversion or if you need, take out a loan. You’ll be able to easily pay it off within three years with the money you’ll be saving. Although pricing is something to consider, the long-term investment is much greater. Homes are valued much higher than their neighboring homes without room additions.  Everyone is always looking for extra space so if one day you decide to move out of your home, you’ll know you will end up with more money in your pockets because of the room addition. Excel Construction L.A. will give you a FREE In-home estimate so be sure to give us a call and we’ll handle your garage to apartment needs! 


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